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DER BLINDE FUCHS Limited Edition

DER BLINDE FUCHS Limited Edition

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Der blinde Fuchs mit seinem magischen Koffer

A limited editioned illustrated short story


Softcover bound edition on high-quality Munken paper.

Join the fox on his magical pen-drawn journey into a deep sense of self-confidence.

Each edition is signed with a dedication for every reader AND includes three exclusive STICKERS of The Blind Fox's story.

Explore the story of a blind and anxious fox that lives in the forest, until one day he stumbles across a magical suitcase altering its world. When the fox realizes the inestimable value of this suitcase, he develops hidden forces. 

But a twist unfolds when demons catch wind of the enchanted suitcase…

The book contains vivid ballpoint pen drawings and uses few words (The story is written in German).

First Edition 2018

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