Hello my friends of art!

I am thrilled to announce the exciting launch of my new online space – the brand-new website for PIMA!

As an artist weaving my tapestry between Berlin and Stuttgart, I am eager to invite you to explore this digital canvas that reflects my passion and creative work.

Visit, it's a portal into my universe where I share my work with you - Here you‘ll find all my original acrylic canvas paintings, art prints of the paintings, limited artwear, illustrations and clothing designs for your individual style and of course the story of the blind fox! 

From vibrant strokes to thought-provoking compositions, each piece carries a piece of my soul. The website is designed to provide an intimate connection between the viewer and the art, allowing you to delve into the stories behind each creation.

Whether you are looking for a personalized commission or want to bring the energy of my art into your space through the purchase of originals, art prints and art fashion for your individual style, I invite you to browse my art store. In addition to the art store where you can purchase artwork, PIMA offers customized services to art lovers and collectors and look forward to working with you on creative and unique projects.

Stay Updated! Art is a dynamic journey, be a part of it - Subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive insights, updates on upcoming exhibitions, and early access to new releases. I will regularly publish new blog posts about my work and upload new designs.

Connect with Me: Engage with PIMA on social media platforms for a closer look at my artistic process, behind-the-scenes snippets, and a community of fellow art & design lovers.

Big thanks to my team players Janis Schanbacher & Bob b. of Baobabwod for helping me realizing the new website.

And thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

All the Love 

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