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Artworks & Illustration Designs

I create illustration designs as images such as animalistic caricatures, figures, personified portraits, song cover images & and I’m sure lots of other things. Get in touch for your design request, and we’ll both find wonderful solutions.


Wall Paintings & Street Art


I’m still dreaming of the house full of wall paintings. I am open for mural paintings. Reach out to me with your request.

Individual portrait painting by pima. The Nanny Portrait - Fran Fine, Fran Drescher, Brenda Cooper

Personalized Portraits

Portrait Painting

The individual portraits I paint on request, focus on the essential characteristics of a person which I offer in three different styles:

  • Graphite drawing on paper
  • Digital illustration as image
  • Acrylic painting on canvas

drawing & painting

Creative course

I combine art with meditation and yoga practice. Depending on the needs of every client, I like to give space to get in touch with your guts. Just bring your openness to meet yourself, no prior experience is necessary. The sessions last 90 minutes and are priced at your discretion, ranging between 60 and 100€.


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