Clara Haseloff


Visual artist in Berlin & Stuttgart, specializing in painting surreal portraits and creating illustrations & designs. In my works, I give emotions surreal personalities by blending realistic concepts with abstract elements. I find inspiration in the senses, in music, movement, animals and the magic of now.

Art has an essential impact on mental health, both for the observer and the artist. 

My art is shaped by the belief that intuition possesses a transformative power, making images from the subconscious visible to provide space for reflection and expression. I believe in healthy and potential-oriented work that utilizes and nurtures individual mental and physical capabilities.

Allowing intuition to speak is the kind of communication that, in my opinion, will play a significant role in the future.


Artistic experiences:

I like working with my hands and imagination and continually with new mediums to learn new techniques, drawing inspiration from masters I can learn from.

My main focus is on painting, my creative experiences extends to acrylic painting, watercolor painting, portraits, murals, productdesign, figurative illustration and caricatures, drawing, linocut and printing, portrait-, product-, and fashion photography, video shooting and editing, digital animation, 3D construction, and sculpting with clay, soapstone, wood, and model foam.

Privately, I practice dancing and yoga as forms of physical self-exploration, playing guitar, singing, and I enjoy juggling in the outdoors.


Life and career:

In my childhood, I loved drawing fictional characters inspired by Japanese anime alongside my best friend. I attended music and art school, and pursued product design at a university, where I learned the process from conceptual drawing to production in various workshops such as wood, metal, painting, textile design, graphic design, and 3D design.

My journey continued into photography, and I spent a year learning from advertising photographer Vlado Golub in Sindelfingen. During this time, I experimented with photography and film, exploring portraits and compositions, and taking on personal projects. "Pima" became a sort of artist's name, serving as a descriptor for my various visual expressions.

Building on three years of training as a technical product designer, I worked in the automotive industry at Bertrandt for an additional two years, until I realized it wasn't the right fit for me.

In search of a significant change, I decided to travel to Asia for several months in 2016. On Bali, I discovered meditation and yoga practices, leading me to Berlin in 2017, where I completed my yoga teacher training according to BDY with Peter Greve & Nicole Verheyden.

In 2019, during my travels to Sri Lanka, I painted murals for a hostel – a transformative experience that remains one of my absolute favorites and reignited my artistic passion. Inspired, upon my return, I spent several months working on my first illustrated short story, "The Blind Fox with His Magical Suitcase," aiming to capture the power and fire of the heart.

As I came to understand the significance of collaborative work with other artists, I created artwork designs in collaboration with musicians and worked with a school friend on an exhibition showcasing 90s designer outfits from the American sitcom "The Nanny."

In 2022, alongside Bob B. and music producer Ptrch, we founded "KEINESEL" and produced our first song with artistic music video, "iA." Currently, I have found my creative space at BAOBABWOD in Berlin-Mitte, and I am immersed in my own series of canvas paintings, titled "MUSES."

Make Love and art.